Community & Sustainability

Initiatives and Programs

Prepaid Service

Prepaid service can be an excellent tool for energy conservation! This program is a flexible, pay-as-you-go plan that puts you in control of your energy usage.

Here are some details:

  • No deposit required, just a $50 initial balance to start
  • If you have an existing deposit, it can be refunded back to you
  • No monthly bills
  • No end-of-month surprises
  • Pay what you want, when you want
  • Multiple notification options let you know when your account is low

Studies have shown that prepaid service can lead to overall energy usage reductions. In some cases, energy usage fell by as much as 15%!

Click here to learn more about our prepaid service!

Broyhill Wind TurbineRenewable Energy Projects On Campus

NRLP partnered with Appalachian State University's Renewable Energy Initiative (REI) to help fund the Broyhill Wind Turbine on App State's campus. NRLP provided over $200,000 in support of the project which is located on Bodenheimer Drive near App State's baseball field.

The wind turbine is situated at the highest point on campus and has become the iconic symbol of Appalachian's commitment to sustainability. The turbine can be spotted from many locations around downtown Boone and is one of the largest wind turbines in the state. You can read more about the Broyhill Turbine here.

NRLP has also assisted in the installment of solar panels on the Appalachian State campus. 

LED Cart Program

Light bulb comparison chart

The LED Cart Program is a partnership between New River Light & Power, Appalachian State University's Office of Sustainability, and Facilities Operations.

The LED Cart is operated out of the Office of Sustainability and funded by NRLP and Facilities Operations for the purpose of increasing and promoting energy efficiency and cost savings in offices and buildings on the App State campus.

App State faculty and staff who are interested in having the LED Cart stop by their department to replace incandescent and CFL bulbs from office lamps can contact NRLP or the Office of Sustainability for more information.

New River Light & Power Secures Over $1 Million For Environmental Restoration on the Middle Fork New River

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded $1.177 million in grants to remove substantial parts of the Payne Branch Dam in effort to restore the Middle Fork New River.

The hydroelectric Payne Branch Dam was used from 1924–1972 as a power source for the NRLP service area.Payne Branch Restoration Site

Specific work includes:

  • sediment removal
  • creation or enhancement of floodplain wetlands or ponds
  • reconnection to existing floodplain
  • creation or enhancement of floodplain wetlands or ponds
  • new channel construction
  • riparian buffer and stream bank plantings
  • removal of invasive species
  • additional tree planting around the area

Work is expected to begin July 2020.

Once the restoration is completed, significant improvements to this native trout stream will be realized as well as a more scenic environment for future extension of the Middle Fork Greenway Trail between Boone and Blowing Rock.

You can read more about the project in the Watauga Democrat and AppalachianToday.

For updates on project construction, please visit the Resource Institute.

Energy Efficiency Kits

Our energy efficiency kits are a great way to help you get started conserving energy and saving money! 

Each kit contains 4 LED light bulbs, weatherstripping, a digital thermometer, and an air filter whistle. 

These energy efficiency kits are FREE for our customers! (1 kit per account). Stop by our office today to pick one up!

energy saving kit

Nissan Leaf ChargingNRLP Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Come recharge your electric vehicle at our charging station located in our front office parking lot. You may even spot our all-electric Nissan LEAF when you stop by!


NRLP is regularly involved in community and University events and initiatives promoting sustainability, including  participation in App State's Earth Day Celebration, providing funds for the annual Tree Campus USA tree planting, and attending the REI's Fall and Spring Forums.

To celebrate our 100-year anniversary, NRLP planted 100 trees along the Greenway Trail Connector beside Clawson-Burnley Park, and in other locations across town, to celebrate 100 years of service in the High Country.

Additionally, NRLP assisted the Town of Boone in the installment of the solar station at Depot Street by setting the footings for that project.

Boone Greenway


Looking To The Future

In 2022, NRLP will be ending its current wholesale power agreement and entering into a new 17-year agreement with Carolina Power Partners.

This change marks a major, positive shift for NRLP and our customers. With the move to Carolina Power Partners, New River will be able to offer greater choice for our customers.

For our customers, choice will mean:

  • greater opportunity to reduce carbon emissions
  • we will be able to offer solar to customers with no limits or restrictions
  • the ability to offer innovative rates, such as Time of Use rates

Customers that want a larger percentage of their electricity to come from renewable sources will be able to do so under our new agreement. 

Stay tuned for more information about our efforts and our move to Carolina Power Partners!