Customer Service

Start Service

Go Button Picture ID is required to initiate service.

  1. Stop by NRLP's office to initiate service, otherwise, an Application Form (PDF) is required. Completed forms can be emailed to, sent regular mail or faxed to NRLP’s office (828) 262-6726 with additional requirements. Remember to include a picture ID along with your application form.
  2. Only one of the following (A-E) is necessary to connect service:
    1. Security Deposit - The Applicant will be required to make a security deposit for a specific amount at each service location. Please call for deposit amount and see detailed information under "Security Deposit" below. (Deposit can be paid only one month prior to connect date.)
    2. Notarized Guarantor - A current NRLP customer having service for 12 consecutive months and no more than two (2) late payments is able to sign. The customer will guarantee up to the amount of the required deposit for that specific location. When utilizing this option, the Guarantor Form (PDF) must be completed, notarized and returned to our office prior to connecting service.
    3. Credit Reference - The applicant will furnish one (1) letter of credit. The reference needs to be from a utility company the applicant has had an active account with for 12 months, with no more than two (2) late payments. The letter needs to be on the company's letterhead stationery and states the date the account was opened, the payment agreement, credit rating, date closed and the name and phone number of the person sending the letter. Pre-paid accounts such as rent, Cablevision or insurance are not acceptable forms of credit reference. Each letter is subject to our approval; therefore, if mailing in or faxing the letters, you will need to follow up with our office and verify that they are acceptable.
    4. Owner - If the applicant owns the premises to be served and has maintained satisfactory credit with NRLP, he or she will not need to perform any of the above options when initiating service. 
    5. Credit Established - If the applicant had prior service with New River and has established 12 months of consecutive service with no more than two (2) late payments, he or she may reestablish service under credit established.
  3. Every electric account will be established in only one property owner or tenants name and the individual is responsible for that account. Connection for service will initiate only after the account is set-up correctly. Same day service is only offered if there is currently no power at the location.

Stop Service

Stop Button  Picture ID is required.

Stop by the NRLP office to schedule disconnection, otherwise, a Disconnect Form (PDF) is required to terminate service which can be emailed to, sent regular mail or faxed to NRLP's office (828) 262-6726.  Only the customer whose name is on the account may complete the Disconnect Form and will be responsible for the account until the Disconnect Form is returned.  NRLP will accept the form by mail or fax as long as a copy of the customer’s picture ID is included.  Requests for disconnects cannot be taken over the telephone.


Security Deposit

Deposit can be paid only one month prior to connect date.

NRLP calculates security deposits on the previous usage at each location. By taking an average of the most recent 12 months history for each individual location and doubling it to give a total of two months which deposits are based upon.

Deposits are held in escrow for the first 90 days. Beginning with the 91st day all deposits will draw 8% interest.

Deposits and interest earned (the “deposits”) are refundable either after you have maintained service for one year with no more than two (2) late payments or once your account is disconnected. In both cases, deposits will first be applied to any unpaid account balances:

  1. Active customers may then request a refund of the remaining deposit otherwise the outstanding deposit will automatically be applied to the customer’s account.
  2. Customers who have disconnected service will receive refunds of deposit balances sent to their forwarding address.