AEC Energy Extension Program

The Appalachian Energy Center (AEC) at Appalachian State University offers a variety of beneficial resources and programs to our customers and community.  AEC's Energy Extension Program (EEP) offers an online resource center, energy extension services, and project and research opportunities.

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Energy Extension Services

The AEC's Energy Extension Services include residential energy assessments and residential renewable energy site assessments. These services are currently only available to Appalachain State faculty, staff, and students as course schedules allow. However, if you are not currently eligible but are interested in these services in the future, please let the Energy Center know by completing this form.

You can read more about the Energy Extension Services here.

Online Resource Center

The EEP Online Resource Center provides curated resources on various energy topics organized for diverse audience interests: 

Project & Research Opportunities

The Project and Research Opportunities part of the Energy Extension Program exists to connect community need of this type with appropriate faculty and students.

More information can be found here.

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