Good Neighbor Roundup Program

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New River Light and Power proudly partners with the Hospitality House of Boone in a community-oriented program called the NRLP Good Neighbor Roundup Program to help those less fortunate.

For those who can, we encourage you to sign up for our Good Neighbor Roundup Program to help members of our community who need assistance paying their electric bills due to financial stress caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Any amount helps during this time of need.

What is the NRLP Good Neighbor Roundup Program?

penniesSmall change can add up and help transform lives! Through this voluntary program, all money donated/received will go towards providing financial assistance through the Hospitality House of Boone for those in the NRLP service area that need help with their electric bills. Your donation can make a real difference for someone such as an elderly resident, a struggling family, or perhaps someone with unexpected medical bills or a job layoff. With your assistance, neighbors will be helping neighbors keep the basic service of electricity flowing.

How does the program work?

If you choose to participate, your electric bill will be rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. For example, if your electric bill is $65.55 for the month, it will be rounded up to $66.00 with 45 cents going into the NRLP Good Neighbor Roundup Program’s Trust Account. Customer’s maximum roundup donations will never exceed $11.88 per year. All donations are tax-deductible and your monthly contributions will be indicated on your bill. You may request in writing, the cancellation of your contribution to be made prior to your next billing.

All collected donations will be kept in a separate trust account solely for the NRLP Good Neighbor Roundup Program recipients who will be selected by the Hospitality House of Boone. NRLP will manage the non-profit trust account. All administrative costs towards this program will be absorbed by NRLP.

help.jpgNRLP offers three ways to participate:

  • Choosing to roundup your electric bill to the next whole dollar amount.
  • Adding an additional fixed amount to your monthly “rounded up” bill. Add an extra $1, $5, $10 or amount of your choice.
  • Make a one-time donation.

You do not have to be a customer of NRLP to donate to the program! If you would like to participate but are not a customer, you can make a donation by cash or check. 

You can send in your donation by mail or drop it by our office. Please designate that it's for the Good Neighbor Roundup Program.

Sign up today! Click here for an application (PDF).