Renewables & Customer Generation

Customer-Owned Renewable Energy Generation

As renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, become a larger part of the overall energy mix, New River Light and Power seeks innovative solutions to help support customer-owned renewable energy generation. These renewable resources play an important role in helping the High Country establish a cleaner energy future.

Currently, the form of customer-owned generation most explored by Boone residents is rooftop solar.

Please keep this information in mind when considering and installing rooftop solar:

  • Every utility company has its own connection policies, metering requirements and policies regarding solar installation.

  • Make sure you have all the information you need before signing an agreement and be cautious of potentially predatory solar providers and offers. Always ask for full quotes showing costs from start to finish. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • In addition to obtaining local permits, you are also required to contact NRLP before installing your solar system. 


NRLP’s Current Solar Rate Offering

NRLP offers a buy-all, sell-all program for customers who generate their own electricity through home or business solar installations.


What is Buy-All, Sell-All?

Buy-all, sell-all is a method for small-scale renewable energy producers to connect to NRLP’s energy grid. In most cases, this involves installing two different meters: one that measures energy production and another that measures energy consumption. 

The buy-all, sell-all compensation method credits and bills customers at separate rates for their total renewable energy system production and their total household energy consumption. The customer will continue to purchase power from NRLP as normal and all of the power that their customer-owned generation system produces will be purchased by NRLP. The power produced through the customer-owned system will be credited at a rate approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) — one that reflects the actual value of the customer’s generated energy. North Carolina General Statutes prohibit crediting customers more than the actual value of the generation, with the intent that no customer bears the cost of another customer due to on-site generation.

Under any solar program, NRLP does not seek to gain financially but must recover its utility and generation costs to meet state statutory requirements. NRLP is governed by the North Carolina Utilities Commission and its solar program offerings and rates are subject to NCUC approval. 


If you are considering a renewable energy system for your home or business, please contact NRLP prior to installation. You can contact us by calling 828-264-3671 or by emailing


Additionally, you must complete an interconnection request form for serviceand pay the associated processing fee. NRLP uses this fee to recover its utility and generation costs to meet state statutory requirements and does not seek to gain financially from it.

If you are interested in renewable energy but do not have the capabilities for your own renewable energy system, check out NRLP’s Green Power Program. With this program, you have the opportunity to purchase blocks of renewable energy to offset your monthly carbon-based electric use for just $5 extra per month. Learn more about the Green Power Program.


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