Prepay Billing

NRLP's Prepay Billing Service

Our prepay service puts you in control of how and when you pay for your electricity. This program is a flexible, pay-as-you-go plan that puts you in control of your energy usage.

Instead of paying for all of your electricity at the end of each month, your account balance is reduced daily based on your usage. You can add money to your account anytime you want, in whatever amount you want! This flexibility allows you to better manage your budget and energy usage.

Additionally, there are no deposit requirements, no credit checks, and no reconnect fees when you participate in our prepaid service.

Here are some details:

  • No deposit required, just a $25 initial balance to start*
  • If you have an existing deposit, it can be refunded back to you
  • No monthly bills
  • Pay what you want, when you want
  • Multiple notification options let you know when your account is low

*The initial payment is $37.31 for new NRLP customers, which includes the connect fee for a new account. Please keep in mind this is not a deposit.

Studies have shown that prepaid service can lead to overall energy usage reductions. In some cases, energy usage fell by as much as 15%!

Sign up for prepay!

Click here to sign up for prepay service if you are an existing customer who wishes to switch from traditional billing to prepay. Please note that you must be registered on our customer portal before completing the prepaid service sign up form.

If you are a new customer and want to sign up for prepay, please check the appropriate box on the Service Application Form

You can register for the customer portal here.

Is prepay right for me?

Do you want to...

  • say goodbye to monthly bills?
  • avoid any surprises at the end of the month?
  • choose your own payment schedule?
  • get your deposit refunded back to you?
  • track your energy usage more closely?
  • have the flexibility to pay what you want, when you want?

If so, our prepay payment option may be right for you! Click HERE or stop by our office to sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a deposit for prepay service?

No deposit is required, just an initial balance of $25 is required to get started. If you have an existing deposit it can be applied to the initial $25 balance or refunded back to you if the deposit amount exceeds the minimum initial balance.

Will I receive a bill?

No, there are no monthly bills associated with prepay. You can check the status of your account through the online customer portal, our mobile app (NRLP Connect), and through automatic notifications by email and text message.

How do I know when to add more funds to my account?

You will be set up with email notifications for daily balance, low balance (<$25), and pending disconnect. We also offer text message alerts, however customers must set these up themselves. 

How much money should I add to my account at a time?

That’s up to you! That’s one of the benefits of prepay service. You can pay what you want, when you want. Create a plan that fits your budget!

What happens if my account runs low?

You will receive a low-balance notification that will give you time to add more funds to your account. If your account reaches $0 your power will be disconnected. However, NRLP will not turn off power before 11am, on the business day the account reaches $0, on weekends, holidays, or if the temperature is below 32 degrees.

What happens if I get cut off?

If your prepay account is disconnected, you must pay enough to bring the credit on the account to $25. For example, if your account runs out of money on a weekend, but your power is not disconnected, you will owe NRLP for the electricity that you used after your balance reached $0. Let's say that is $5.

On Monday, you will be notified of a pending disconnect. If no money is added to your account, your power will be cut off at 11am. 

To restore power, you would need to pay $30 ($25 credit required for reconnection + the $5 owed for the electricity that was used over the weekend after your account balanced reached $0).

Once the $25 credit balance is paid, your power will be restored (usually within an hour).

There is no need to call and report an outage in this situation, the process works automatically!

What if I want to switch back to a traditional billing method?

You can switch back at anytime! It will become active on the following months bill.

Will prepay billing affect my credit?

No, prepay does not affect a customer’s credit, good or bad.

How do I sign up for prepay?

You can sign up for prepay billing online HERE. You can also switch your account over to prepay by visiting our office!