AMI Meters

NRLP has made substantial investments in infrastructure, building one of the most technologically advanced power control systems available.

NRLP's AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system uses two-way communications over a secure network to provide customers with the latest in advanced metering technology. These upgrades were made at no additional cost to our customers. NRLP's AMI meters read up-to-the-minute electric energy use information and allow customers to track their electricity use by the hour.

AMI Meters Offer Unparalleled Technology

NRLP AMI meters are approximately the same size as mechanical meters. Unlike traditional meters, which were read once a month manually by our Meter Technicians, AMI meters transmit readings as frequently as every fifteen minutes to NRLP.

NRLP owns the AMI meters and they are part of our electrical distribution system. Meter bases are still owned by the customer.

NRLP General Manager Ed Miller is holding an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) device.

Upgrades Improve Efficiency and Service for Customers

While reducing the number of vehicles, AMI meters save time and resources, as well as reducing negative environmental impacts in our community.

The AMI meters can detect the loss of power during outages and notifies us so we can quickly detect the location and restore power to customers.

NRLP receives detailed information on customer electric use for billing purposes, and this automation ensures accuracy. This data helps NRLP to allocate crews more efficiently and identify underused equipment in an effort to reduce losses and improve efficiency. AMI also helps NRLP quickly identify meter tampering and energy theft, reducing costs that are passed on to our customers.

Customers Can Register to View Their Electric Energy Use in Hourly Increments

This project included the installation of nearly 8,500 AMI meters and a data storage system that helps NRLP collect and analyze long-term use data to improve the overall operation of our utility.

Currently, customers can register for online notifications:

  • Online Bill Pay
  • Automatic Bank Draft or Credit Card Draft
  • Energy Saving Tips and Videos
  • Paperless Billing
  • View Usage and Billing History
  • Text or E-mail Notifications of:
    • Bill Due Dates
    • Cut-Offs
    • Severe Weather
    • Special Alerts
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AMI Meters Frequently Asked Questions

NRLP has invested in new meters to improve the efficiency and reliability of our electric system. Many customers have questions about these AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) meters and how they work. Here are some common questions and answers about AMI meters:

What is an AMI meter?

An AMI meter is an electrical meter that records the consumption of electricity and sends that information back to NRLP. AMI meters increase the reliability of NRLP's electric system. Improving the efficiency of our system helps NRLP keep costs down for our customers.

How does the AMI meter work?

With these meters, NRLP is able to read, and in some cases disconnect and reconnect meters remotely. Remote meter readings and reconnects result in less time traveling and save resources.

In addition to reducing costs, the AMI meters provide additional information that allow NRLP to better monitor and respond to changes in our electric system. This technology allows NRLP to detect problems such as outages and voltage fluctuations more accurately. These meters also alert NRLP immediately if the meter has been relocated or tampered with.

Why did NRLP make the change to AMI meters?

The meter upgrade provides NRLP customers with numerous benefits. The AMI meters will help NRLP with the following:

  • Save money by eliminating the labor and transportation costs of manual meter reading.
  • Improve billing accuracy, eliminating inaccurate readings.
  • Pinpoint the exact location of outages more quickly.
  • Help customers troubleshoot high-bill problems. Customers will be able to use intelaHome to get information about power consumption patterns, which might help diagnose problems leading to high energy bills.
  • Improve electric service reliability and power quality by monitoring loads on our equipment.

Will meter readers ever need to come to my property to read the meter manually again once the AMI meter is in place?

Yes, although all meter reads will be digitally transmitted back to NRLP, meter technicians will at times manually read each meter to ensure accuracy.