Retail Rate Schedule

NRLP Rate Schedule - Beginning March 1, 2024

Schedule R (Residential)

Basic Facilities Charge per bill$14.50
Energy Charge (kWh): 
NRLP Distribution Charge$0.032548
Wholesale Power Supply$0.060578

Schedule G (Commercial)

Basic Facilities Charge per bill$17.50
Energy Charge (kWh): 
NRLP Distribution Charge$0.033071
Wholesale Power Supply Charge$0.066074

Schedule GL (Large Commercial)

Basic Facilities Charge per bill$30.00
Demand Charge per kW: 
NRLP Distribution Charge$2.27
Wholesale Power Supply Charge$6.00
Energy Charge (kWh): 
NRLP Distribution Charge$0.020228
Wholesale Power Supply Charge$0.046722

Schedule A (Appalachian State University)

Distribution Facilities Charge per kW$16.97
Power Demand Charge per kW$7.87
Power Energy Charge per kWh$0.027053

Schedule OL (Outdoor Lighting) - Flat Charge Per Lamp Per Bill

150 Watt Sodium Vapor (SV) TOB$5.60
175 Watt Mercury Vapor (MV) TOB$6.55
250 Watt Sodium Vapor (SV) TOB$9.35
250 Watt Metal Halide TOB$9.35
400 Watt Mercury Vapor (MV) TOB$14.95
400 Watt Sodium Vapor (SV) TOB$14.95
400 Watt Metal Halide TOB$14.95
750 Watt Sodium Vapor (SV) TOB$28.03
150 Watt Sodium Vapor Cobra Head (not available for new service)*$12.62
175 Watt Mercury Vapor (not available for new service)*$11.53
250 Watt Sodium Vapor Cobra Head (not available for new service)*$16.86
250 Watt Sodium Vapor Shoebox (not available for new service)*$19.16
400 Watt Mercury Vapor TV (not available for new service)*$21.79
250 Watt Metal Halide Cobra Head (not available for new service)*$17.55
250 Watt Metal Halide Decashield (not available for new service)*$17.27
400 Watt Metal Halide Cobra Head (not available for new service)*$24.15
400 Watt Metal Halide Flood TV (not available for new service)*$24.48
400 Watt Metal Halide Shoebox (not available for new service)* $26.38
* Beginning Sept. 1, 2019, only LED fixtures will be available for new service/installations.

Schedule LEDL (LED Lighting) - Flat Charge Per Lamp Per Bill

Schedule LEDL (LED Lighting)
50 Watt Yard Light (no longer available)$4.24
96 Watt LED TV Bronze$9.53
101 Watt LED TV BRonze Cobra Head$11.90
110 Watt LED (no longer available)$7.23
119 Watt Area Light LED Shoebox (no longer available)$10.39 
160 Watt Cobra Head LED$10.86
20 Watt LED TOB$.74
27 Watt LED TOB$1.01
40 Watt LED TOB$1.50
50 Watt LED TOB$1.87
80 Watt LED TOB$2.99
92 Watt LED TOB$3.44
100 Watt LED TOB$3.73
106 Watt LED TOB$3.96
110 Watt LED TOB$4.12
120 Watt LED TOB$4.49
136 Watt LED TOB$5.08
150 Watt LED TOB$5.60
180 Watt LED TOB$6.73
New Pole Cost

30' Wood Pole $3.97 
Decorative Fiberglass Pole $11.87 

Schedule MS (Miscellaneous Service Charges)

Connect ServiceFee
Connect Charge$11.50
Connect Charge Commercial Temp$15.00
Reconnect ServiceFee
Reconnection $11.50
Returned Payment$21.00

Customer-owned Solar Energy Credits

Credits for customer-owned generation will vary depending on the cost of energy. The avoided cost credit, per kWh, for the PPR program (solar Buy All, Sell All) is noted in the table below. For per kWh credits for Net Billing customers, please see the retail rates in the tables listed on this page for each customer class.  



Standby Supplemental Charge

PPR (Buy All, Sell All)Avoided Cost: $0.036464None
Net Billing RiderRetail Rate$5.92 per kW system capacity (Schedule R)
  $6.39 per kW system capacity (Schedule G)
  $3.59 per kW system capacity (Schedule GL)